Death Grips

'Explosive' a term that Death Grips perhaps best describes. 'De Morgen' is spot on as well: 'The roar of MC Ride comes straight from a reverberating bathroom, the beats of a stock sale, the samples from a discarded sampler of twenty years old.'


Their just-released album 'Year Of The Snitch' - as with every new Death Grips release - was not accompanied without any controversy. The striking artwork, the striking collaboration with 'Shrek' director Andrew Adamson and most striking: their latest clip 'Shitshow' that ... well maybe you just have to discover it for yourself ...

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Selected Discography

Year of the snitch
Third Worlds (2018)
Bottomless Pit
Third Worlds (2016)
The Powers That B
Third Worlds (2014)
Gouvernment Plates
Third Worlds (2013)
The Money Store
Epic (2012)
No Love Deep Web
Third Worlds (2012)