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North Sea Jazz festival 2015
North Sea Jazz Festival announces Toutpartout band Dawn of Midi. They will be conducting the 12th of July on the 'Volga' stage and are supporting Nils Frahm on the European tour April/May.
Boomtown Festival '15
We already have 4 bands confirmed. Chantal Acda (w/ Sun Kill Moon), Love Like Birds (w/Lambchop), Stadt and Oaktree &Avondlicht
Monophonics: New video and upcoming events
Monophonics published the new video 'Lying Eyes', from their new album 'Sound Of Sinning'. Be sure to catch their great live act in June @ Nijmegen or Antwerp. More info at their artist page.
Fool's Gold: tour starts next week + limited RSD vinyl
Fool's Gold are releasing a vinyl edition of their new album 'Flying Lessons' on Record Store Day tomorrow. European tour starts next week! Dream away with the new song 'Wildflower'.