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Teens of Denial gets 4/5 from Rolling Stone!

Rolling Stone is full of praise for the new album 'Teens of Denial' from Car Seat Headrest !
And we couldn't agree more! 

They give it 4 stars and call it "Will Toledo's culture-chomping rock & roll triumph". 
Read here why they like it so much! 

Car Seat Headrest starts touring this Saturday, first stop: Amsterdam! 
More info & tourdates on the artist page

Toutpartout at Boomtown !

Sun is out and we are getting ready for summer with a lot of great festivals.

One of them is Boomtown in Gent and they just announced some new names.
We will have Dijf Sanders, Glints & Kiss The Anus of A Black Cat playing there!  

More info about Boomtown here.

Marissa Nadler: New Song 'Katie I Know'

Marissa Nadler posted a new song from the upcoming album "Strangers", that will be out on May 20.
'Katie I Know' is absolutely gorgeous and we are waiting full of anticipation for this new album!

Listen to it here.

Pitchfork describes it beautifully:

'Katie I Know' lingers in the spaces between, like a hazy morning when you can see the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time.

Go the Marissa Nadler's artist page for upcoming tourdates.

Brand new mixtape

Summer's here finally! What better way to celebrate the sunshine than with a good soundtrack to your day? Listen to our new playlist, including all artists playing a show in May.

On top, we are giving away 3x1 tickets to a show of choice! 

Check it all out right here.