STADT aka The Best Kept Rock Secret from Ghent. When Simon and Frederik Segers (drums and guitar) meet the Dutch duo Fulco Ottervanger and Joris Cool (keyboards and bass) in a local studio, it signals the start of a musical collaboration that soon becomes known as Members of Marvelas, later transformed into Marvelas Something. The project leads to an explosion of creativity: the eventual repertoire consists of no less than 64 songs and improvisations – ranging from silky smooth to bottom heavy, rock solid to extremely delicate, and "red to canary blue" (as they describe it themselves). A monthly gig appointment at De Charlatan (Ghent's most famous live café) quickly builds a strong live reputation as well, with a steady growing fan base in tow. But Marvelas Something always remains more of a loose project for the individual members. Only after the gang reinvents itself once more into STADT, the collective can be considered as a proper "band". The subsequent debut album 'Kind of Diversion' (2013) proves the coming-of-age of these supremely talented artists: a record filled with diverse and original music that somehow still has a familiar sound. The press loves it and showers it with praise, and established Belgian bands like dEUS and Balthazar invite the band to join them on tour as support.


This much is clear: Stadt can be considered the "grand cru" of the music scene in Ghent, and their steady climb keeps on going strong. As a liveband they are unmatched (no small feat considering the amount of quality live bands in the area). And what's more: the success of Stadt is the result of their authenticity and musical craftmanship. They are a bunch of headstrong artists who march to the beat of their own drum – averse to trends and hypes, without any crass commercialism and accepting no compromise. In short: a band that will delight the world for many years to come!


The new album 'Escalators' by STADT will be released in October. It's another elusive and literally indescribable piece of work, but the musical experiments and layered arrangements never obscure the solid songwriting. You could even say that 'Escalators' has its moments of supreme catchiness in all its eccentricity!

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Selected Discography

Fons Records (2015)
Kind Of Diversion
Unsigned (2013)