Kris Dane

His music has the accurateness of humility. The intensity of an adventure. The vertigo of the renewed. The delicacy of a trip without object. He lived through the realization of his new album like an adrenaline shoot. Something similar to what you feel when you're engaged in a calculated risk exercise.


To ensure both excellence and a form of security, he is surrounded by musicians who understand the rhythm of his breath and know how to infiltrate his expectations. Consistently, safe from distractions, the purity of the notes sets the tone. Gathers what is flying apart. Puts love in it and time all around.


That's it, the sound of Kris Dane. A volatile concentrate of chills. An authentic musician, as close to the need to create as it can get. A strong and complicated man who loves the beautiful. A free and crazed artist who stopped looking for the key to the mystery of musical creation to be caught off guard by the incidents. Creator of songs that give meaning to emotions.


His new album U.N.S.U.I. was released in June 2018 by PIAS.



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Selected Discography

PIAS (2018)
Rose of Jericho
PIAS (2014)
Rise & Down Of The Black Stallion
BANG! Music (2008)
Songs Of Crime And Passion
BANG! Music (2007)