Guy Van Nueten

Composer and pianist Guy Van Nueten enjoys a solid reputation in Belgium. He is active
as a session musician, solo pianist and composer for theatre plays, dance performances
and films. As of 2018, Guy composed music for 21 stage productions, 7 feature films, released 7 albums and is credited over 70 times on different albums as a keyboardplayer, arranger, composer or producer. His style has an urge towards purity and is influenced by
baroque, pop music and electronic music. He will release his third solo-piano album 'Contact' later this year.

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Selected Discography

Music For A Small Orchestra
Bolli Records (2015)
Bolli Records (2013)
Bolli Records, 62 TV Records (2009)
Guy Van Nueten / Steven Dugardin - Bâche
Bolli Records (2004)
Tom Barman & Guy van Nueten - Live
Universal (2003)
...And Other True Stories
Megadisc/MCA (1996)
The Sands - The Sands
Megadisc/MCA (1995)

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